Pastor's Welcome

Thanks for stopping by our website.  Like our church, it is imperfect, but we are growing together.  On our pages you’ll get a little taste of what First Baptist is like.  You can see some of our ministries:  youth, children, worship, and our Karen congregation – to name just a few.  There’s also the page where you can access sermons – all in audio format and most in written format, too!

We believe that God has called us to help people find and follow Jesus and we are very serious and intentional about that mission.  Our ministry is not just for our congregation, but increasingly, we are reaching out beyond our walls.  In 2014 we began a mentoring ministry at Lincoln School and have served the community through a couple of Saturday workdays.  We know that the future holds a great many more challenges and opportunities to bring the Kingdom of God to the community in which we live. 

A website is one thing.  We’re working on ours to even better reflect what God is doing in us.  But to really get a feel for the transforming work that God is doing at First Baptist, you need to visit us some time.  I hope you will.  You’ll find a very warm welcome.

Pastor Bob