Sunday School Classes

Adult Sunday School Classes

Adult Class 1
Meets in room 106
Book of Judges by J.D. Greear

through a 11 part study J.D. Greear will unpack the truths of scripture.

Adult Class 2
 Meets in room 105
A Life Beyond Amazing-9 Decisions that will Transform Your Life Today by Dr. David Jeremiah

Study focus on the nine fruits of the Spirit, Galatians 5:22, 23

Young Adult Class
meets in Pathway Room
Book of Titus by Chip Ingram
study geared towards the application of scripture into everyday life.



Children's Ministry Sunday Schools:
Infant Nursery - Room 101
Toddlers - Ages 2-3 in Room 102
Preschool - Ages 4-Kingergarten in Room 103
1st and 2nd Grades - Room 110
3rd and 4th Grades - Room 111
5th and 6th Grades - Room 107

Youth Ministry Sunday School:
Grades 7-12 in the Youth Center